Our Investment Strategy

Focus on Targeted Industries - We focus on making investments in the restaurant, consumer and retail sectors, areas in which we have significant experience and a deep network of industry relationships.

Leverage our Extensive Operating Partner Network - We have a deep network of operating executives who provide proprietary deal sourcing, market intelligence, due diligence resources, and ongoing operational support during the life of the investment. We believe this provides us a significant competitive advantage and is an attractive resource for our management teams.

Alignment of Interests - We structure our investments so the interests of Rosser Capital Partners and management are closely aligned to guarantee that all parties are focused on accomplishing the same goals.  We pride ourselves on implementing attractive incentive plans to allow management to meaningfully participate in a company’s value creation.

Capitalize on our Reputation as a Value Added Partner - We have built and continue to work to maintain a reputation as a reliable business partner who operates with the utmost honesty and integrity.

Partner with Leading Management Teams - We have significant expertise in transactions that involve family-controlled or closely-held businesses and believe we can achieve an optimal outcome for all parties while ensuring the business maintains its core operating principles and culture.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Trish and Michael Elkind - Founders of PetPeople


“We are very happy to be working with the team at Rosser Capital Partners. They have been great partners to PetPeople. Hal and Jacob have helped make us a stronger and better company and facilitated our growth. We appreciate the experience they bring and the great support they provide. “

Michael O'Donnell – Chairman and CEO, Ruth's Hospitality Group


"What started as a professional relationship has grown to a serious friendship. Hal and Jacob invested in our company in 2009 when things were really tough. They not only provided capital, but a serious commitment of their time and experience. Their help and leadership was key to our not just surviving but thriving. I would partner or invest with them anytime and be honored."  Michael O'Donnell, Chairman and CEO, Ruth's Hospitality Group"

Sasa Mahr-Batuz, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Barteca Holdings


"The change from being a mom and pop Company has been tremendous; we could not be happier to see our Company flourish in every way, from structure, to board of directors, to human resources, to fabulous guidance and support. For me, the best was the freedom to keep creating great restaurants, which were fueled by Rosser Capital. Along this fantastic journey, we have become close friends... what more can you ask."

Andy Pforzheimer, Co-Founder and  Chairman of Barteca Restaurant Group


While we were a bit apprehensive about taking on a private equity partner, what we have found with Rosser Capital has been a life-changing partnership.  RCP gave us access to the best minds in the business for our Board;  to capital at terms that we never could have gotten on our own;  and to the stability and expertise that comes from people who have made their life's work out of growing restaurant businesses.


They have been available when we need them, and content to let us run the company our way when we don't.  We would never have achieved the success we have without Hal and Jacob.

Nick Valenti – CEO of The Patina Group, former CEO of Restaurant Associates


"Rosser Capital Partners brings invaluable insights from their vast experience investing in consumer, retail and restaurant companies. They are able to provide enormous strategic assistance and operational resources to managers who want to take their companies to the next level of growth and profitability."

Ross Edlund, Founder and CEO, Skillets Holdings


"Skillets was delighted to partner with RCP based on their deep experience in the restaurant industry. Hal and Jacob truly understand our business and are the ideal partners to take the concept to multiple markets while maintaining our brand values and culture."

Saed Mohseni – CEO of Bob Evans, Former CEO of Bravo Brio Restaurant Group, Former CEO of McCormick & Schmick’s


"I have had the pleasure of working with Hal Rosser on two separate occasions where we were able to achieve liquidity events through an initial public offering.  Hal and Jacob have a deep knowledge of the restaurant industry and were instrumental in providing effective operational and strategic guidance to help us achieve our growth objectives."

Tom Vogel – CEO of Uncle Julio’s, Former CEO of Logan’s Roadhouse


"Working with the Rosser team was an outstanding experience over the 4 1/2 years in which we were partners. Their knowledge of the restaurant industry and their due diligence of restaurant projects is second to none in private equity."

Brad Smith – CEO of Hickory Tavern


"Rosser Capital Partners has provided our management team with access to strong resources and an incredible Board of Directors, made up of sitting Chairmen and CEO’s of some of the most respected restaurant groups in the country. The collective experience of Rosser Capital and our board has provided unique insights and prepared our team for the challenges of growing our brand while also allowing our management team the freedom to stay true to the principals and values that are the touchstones of Hickory Tavern. "

Mike Hislop – Chairman and Former CEO of Il Fornaio / Corner Bakery


"Hal and his team showed their experience and patience through a difficult economic period following the initial acquisition which required an additional equity infusion. The RCP team was also extremely effective in identifying and securing the Corner Bakery acquisition opportunity, which was a key value creation generator for our Company. Their outstanding support and financial guidance ultimately led to a very successful outcome for Il Fornaio and Corner Bakery."

Paul Nanula – Former CEO of Wilson Farms


"Our experience with Hal Rosser and his team was very positive. Hal has historical roots in Western New York and with our family that proved to be instrumental in our transaction being completed in 2005. His in-depth knowledge of the consumer and multi-unit retail space helped us successfully navigate the difficult years of the recent recession. He was able to connect well with our management team during the 6 years of our association together that ultimately led to our successful sale to 7-Eleven."

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